Patches 2 & 3 [possible spoilers]

Patch 2:

  • Fixed flashlight button not always toggling correctly.
  • Men's bathroom door no longer requires the utility key.
  • Numbered all of the herbs.
  • Fixed highway gate animation glitch.
  • Plow doors and panels easier to interact with.
  • Can no longer jump up and get herb 4 from under the platform it is on.
  • Can not jump up onto the plow.
  • Can not jump up the door to the park.
  • Can no longer get the oars from outside the cabin through the back wall.

Patch 3:

  • Game resolution stretching causing cutscenes to not fit the screen and showing the players surroundings has been fixed. The cutscenes now stretch to match the games aspect ratio, which means they should fit whether you experience the stretched ratio or not. 
  • Burned hand caption in sewer goes away now after the sewer draining cutscene plays.
  • Made hidden sewer lid easier to interact with.
  • Removed red light behind large valve in sewer, some players understandably thought it was one of the buttons needed for the door.
  • Made it easier to exit the valve room in the sewers.
  • Can no longer interact with rat hallway phone through wall.

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Jul 11, 2018


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